For solar energy panel installers looking to expand their business, we can help you find new customers and grow your business with an effective return on investment.  We know how much time and effort it takes marketing to the homeowner – supplement your own business efforts and let Handy Gorilla an expert in lead generation do what we do best, while letting you do what you do an expert in.    Our proprietary targeting and filtering algorithms manage real-time sales leads from a wide variety of channels including Telemarketing Solar Appointments, Solar Live Transfers, Click To Call, SEO, and other channels to deliver you highly targeted potential homeowners.

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What sets us apart:

Quality: Strict standards, rigorous lead qualification practices and customized filters with double verification on our end to give you the best quality lead in the solar business.
Flexibility: Contracts are setup on performance basis, so we get paid on what we send you.
Client service: 24/7 availability to respond to our clients needs.
Engagement: Real-time lead notifications to improve the customer conversion process, the quicker you reach out to the homeowner the better the conversions.
Commitment: Best Lead return policy of anyone in the business, if you are not satisfied we will replace the lead no questions asked.


How we help our clients acquire homeowners:

We Reduce Your Costs To Obtain a Qualified Homeowner Lead with Our Many Lead Channels

Internet Traffic: Our educational websites and partnerships educate consumers across the U.S. about solar energy. Our organic search engine optimization capabilities, keyword research and our national presence enable us to rank higher in search results which allows us a great reach than our competitors in the industry.
National Scale: With our national scale, we are able to leverage lower cost marketing and distribute leads by geography to keep the average cost per solar lead. Our solar energy partners do not have to worry about wasting money acquiring leads outside their service area.

We Make Our Clients Businesses Easier to Run.

Reduced complexity: We are specialists in customer acquisition and online marketing so our partners do not have to be.
More time for what matters: Our clients spend less time finding customers and more time making sales requirements. Their sales teams receive leads from us in real time and focus on turning those leads into revenue for our clients business.
Predictable costs: Our partners establish clear budgets for our lead services we get paid on performance.



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